Alders & Seekers – Code Challenge

As the Alders & Seekers campaign draws to an end, Project Circuit Breaker invites all security researchers to join the hunt for vulnerabilities.

Due to the unauthorized disclosure of Intel’s proprietary UEFI code for Alder Lake we are opening the private Alders & Seekers bug bounty campaign to all security researchers. In addition, we have extended the end date of this campaign from October 15, 2022 to 9AM US eastern time on January 20, 2023.  The standard Intel(R) Bug Bounty Program policy applies to this campaign.

Please submit reports directly to and insert the label “[Alders & Seekers Code Challenge]” into the title of your report. For anyone who is not able find a copy of the code online, you are invited to sign an NDA to receive access directly from this campaign. Send your request to and look for the NDA to come back to you. The code package will be made available at the beginning of each month during this campaign to everyone who has signed the required NDA.

Report Label: [Alders & Seekers Code Challenge]
Participation Slots: Unlimited
Campaign Run: October 1 – January 20
Duration: 16 Weeks
Non-Disclosure Agreement: NO! (only if you need it)
ocation: Virtual


Email Template:

Subject: Alders & Seekers Code Challenge NDA Request
Hello, I would like to sign the NDA required to access the UEFI code because I was not able to find it online.  Please send the NDA to me using my personal information here:

Name: <first and last name>
Address: <full mailing address>
Email: <your personal email address>

Thanks for the opportunity, I hope to find some vulnerabilities for you!