A New Day,
A New Circuit to Break

A Community of Elite Hackers

We are a community of fixers and breakers, hunting bugs in firmware, hypervisors, GPUs, compromising chipsets, pwning processors and much more.

About Project Circuit Breaker

For the first time, security researchers are able to work directly with Intel’s product and security teams through live hacking events that may include bounty multipliers up to 4x. Capture the flag contests and other training will help prepare researchers for challenges, which may include access to beta software and/or hardware and other unique opportunities.

Over the coming months we will be announcing how you can join Project Circuit Breaker and begin competing for prizes and climb the leader board. Do you think you have what it takes?

What we are looking for in hackers:

Creative mindset

Ability to build, test and iterate on a test hypothesis to identify new attack vectors

Interest/experience in computer systems architecture, CPU. SoC, chipsets, BIOS, firmware, drivers and low-level coding

Ability to reverse engineer complex environments

Experienced in vulnerability research, exploit development and responsible disclosure

Track record of vulnerability discovery/security tool development and/or security publications

Intel's Top Researchers

(by payout, 2021)

  1. Hugo Magalhaes
  2. breaker
  3. allowetotima
  4. dreamercat
  5. mmg

*Some researchers have chosen to remain anonymous

Did you find a vulnerability? Report it to the Bug Bounty program.